User roles in ezFMD reduce risk of error

Users can be assigned different roles
Roles allow for different menu options to be presented. This allows the administrator to limit the functionality available in a manner consistent with the workflow and the responsibilities of each user.

In this example we have created three roles and assigned them to differing users in a sample wholesaler.Menu option visible according to role selected

  1. The first role has all functions available to it.
  2. The second role has been assigned to a user with the initials JK, who can verify and dispense.
  3. The third has been assigned to a user with the initials VO, who can only verify.

The options available for your organisation will be ultimately determined by your organisation type – see details here.

You can quickly switch from one user to another, with optional password protection:Switch user dialogue box

As an additional safety step, the application can be automatically switched back to the previous user’s ID after n minutes. This reduces the risk of any temporary role-switch being valid all day, in error, while allowing for a manager’s quick “this needs to be done…”.

Overall, the use of Users and their Roles is helpful in reducing the risk of scans being performed in error, such as “Export from EU” instead of “Verify”.