FMD functions per organisation type

FMD functions vary depending on the type of your organisation

FMD regulations direct which functions should be available to the two principal ornasiation types – Wholesaler or Pharmacist.

The ezFMD software confirms the status of a pack or de-/re-commissions it:

Organisation TypeWholesalerPharmacy
Supply (dispense)XX
Mark as:
- Sample (NCA)XX
- Exported from EUX
- Intended for destructionX
- StolenX
- Free sample (non-NCA)X
- Locked / UnlockedX

NCA = National Competent Authority, e.g. HPRA, MHRA, AGES, HALMED, SUKL, etc.

The options list can be shortened, to hide functions a given location will never need. For instance, a local wholesaler who never exports outside the EU may opt to hide “Export from EU”, so as to prevent this option being selected in error. This can be controlled by assigning individual users a role – see details here.

To smooth the workflow in an organisation, the default action on startup of the software is configured by the administrator. So in a pharmacy, “Dispense” would likely be the default action while in a wholesaler, “Verify” would more likely be the default.