Keyboard shortcuts

In ezFMD, certain functions may be accessed by use of keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts used in ezFMD

Laptop keyboards and function keys

Laptop keyboards often make an alternative use of the function keys for adjusting the brightness of the display, the speaker volume or other system options. They are often shipped as the default, requiring the pressing of a [Fn] key or similar to get to the original “Function key” functionality (See 2 in the graphic below). This can be most frustrating and so manufacturers often publish a guide on how to make the original “Function key” functionality the default – far more useful when working with ezFMD.

Lenovo Laptops

As and example of laptops often used with ezFMD are manufactured by Lenovo, we include two links to recommended fixes, to make the original “Function key” functionality the default. Depending on permissions in your site, you may require IT assistance to make this once-off change. Depending on your model of Lenovo, follow these external links (they are external links and will open in a new tab):

  1. [Lenovo keyboard fix – Link 1]
  2. [Lenovo keyboard fix – Link 2]
function keys on a lenovo laptop

If the above links don’t solve your problem…

You may have a make or model of laptop not covered by the specific steps outlined above. Ask your local IT Support to search for the fix that will address this issue for your specific model – they will need to know the model of laptop you are using and which version of Windows you use (Windows 7 or Windows 10).