We recommend the following hardware and software on which to use ezFMD:

  • PCs running Windows 10 (preferred), Windows 8 or Windows 7.
    (Older versions such as XP are not supported.)
  • Any 2D barcode scanner with support for Serial over USB mode and a suitable device driver. (For Windows 10, the built in driver works well for many barcode readers.)

In a typical organisation, the person familiar with the IT system will install the software.

For larger organisations considering hosting their own scanning records in-house, ezFMD has been tested on Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and on Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express. It is reasonable to imagine it working on other versions – contact us if you have a particular version of Microsoft SQL Server in mind. The advantages offered by local hosting are quicker logging of scanning activities and high-speed access in-house to records of earlier scans, facilitating larger volume reporting and data mining. Naturally, logging of scans does not require Internet access reducing traffic (while verification with the NMVO still does require Internet access). This saving is modest, as the data records transmitted are small in size.