Configuration of ezFMD

Ease of configuration has been designed into the software from the start.

ezFMD can be configured in many ways.

Single or multi-PC per location

  • in single-PC mode, all work is done on the one PC.
  • in multi-PC mode, one “master” database stores the data records for all the PCs at the organisation’s location using ezFMD. Each PC user sees the results of scans from that PC only and not all scans performed on all PCs at that location.
  • in multi-PC mode, an optional Supervisor screen will allow a view of all scans or, more usefully, all failed scans at this location. This would aid a RP (Responsible Person) or the Senior Pharmacist in a busy location, as a valuable tool to ensure ongoing compliance and timely logging of any deviations.

Multiple users working at a PC
ezFMD provides for multiple individual users logging in and out at any one PC, with optional passwords. For each user, the administrator can can assign each user a role, which in turn determines which menu options are available. Click here for details and examples.

Configure which menu action options are visible
Options are pre-defined by the oganisational type of the location (Pharmacy or Wholesaler – See Functions). Within a type it may be useful to hide certain options which users never perform, so as to prevent mistakes. For instance, a local wholesaler operative who never exports outside the EU may opt to hide “Export from EU”, so as to prevent this option being selected in error.

Translations into other languages and custom GUI changes are available. Please contact us to enquire.

See our FAQ on Customization