Customisation in detail

Configuration in detail of ezFMD to meet your site’s specific needsTraffic Lights customised in detail

Every site administrator may need to define in detail specific responses to scans in their normal workflow. ezFMD has been designed to provide for this, based on our experience of supplying medicines since 1950. The option to configure the response does not alter the computer program  itself and so does not impact the validation achieved for ezFMD – it is a matter for the site administrator such as the RP or Pharmacist in charge of the location to ensure the configuration they select for their site and the staff working there best reflect their workflow and any related SOPs in place.

How it works

When a scanned pack’s details are sent to the MVO, they will return a code for each type of scan and response. Over 100 possible responses are provided for and examples include:

  • The pack is active.
  • The batch has been recalled.
  • The batch has expired.

ezFMD comes configured with appropriate “Red”, “Amber” and “Green” for each code.

In order to ensure the on-screen response to any scan suits the need of your location, the site administrator can set custom on-screen message specific for each and every MVO response.

The settings available allow for custom colours for any given response (e.g. you can change amber to red or amber to mauve) to suit your organisation. You can select if a particular response prompts a pop-up dialogue or not. If a pop-up is chosen, one can include response-specific text to show on-screen, to ensure your operatives of the system act in a manner consistent with your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

As a practical example:

By default, when you choose Validate and scan a pack with the following response:

  • The batch has expired.

you will see an amber symbol. This indicates the pack scanned correctly but there is an issue for review of the operative. In this sample case you, as the Pharmacist or Responsible Person, decide that in your organisation this is a response that warrants a red symbol. You edit the table of responses, marking this one as a red and you may also choose to add text to a custom text displayed to the operative scanning the pack “Please put this pack aside at once and contact the RP / DRP by phone on 1212” or similar.

The site administrator-selectable option level of customisation will ensure that each organisation can maximise compliance with your in-house procedures and your FMD statutory requirements at the same time.

This level of detailed configuration is entireley optional, as ezFMD will address the needs of most users configured as supplied.