FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions have been broken into logical sections as follows:

  1. FAQ – Data – dealing with data recording, location, ownership, retention and reporting
  2. FAQ – Registration – dealing with general questions about registration, multiple locations, etc.
  3. FAQ – Customisation options – what the user can change to help with their workflow
  4. FAQ – Wholesalers – Changes to consider in SOPs, training and planning for the integration of FMD into your workflow
  5. FAQ – Special cases – unusual circumstances arising for some users (OK – not so frequently asked, perhaps).

General questions

Has ezFMD been validated?

ezFMD has been tested to the highest possible standards for testing available at the current time. As of early 2018, the best test is against a suite of test data made available through our NMVO, the IMVO. As further testing opportunities become available, these will be conducted and concluded promptly, to ensure validation to the highest possible standard.

What happens if I scan a pack not originally intended for sale in the local country?

The NMVO will have data for all packs originally considered relevant for supply in their country. When your scanned pack is not found on the local NMVO database, the request will be passed on to the EMVO (European Medicines Validation Organisation). The user of any FMD software will experience an additional delay (expected to be of further seconds) before the validation or other responses are received. Nevertheless, an answer will be received, so long as the pack was originally designated for supply in at least one EU state.