FAQ – Customisation

ezFMD has been designed for user configuration . These options are limited to users with administrator permissions on the PC in use, so as to prevent unwanted changes in an organisation.

See also our page on Configuration.

Where the extensive configuration options built into ezFMD do not meet your firm’s needs, please contact us for a custom solution.

Our firm has a very specific requirement for customisation not entirely met by ezFMD – can you offer a specific version for our needs?
Translations into other languages, a custom GUI and other customisation changes are available at an additional cost. Short turnaround times are often available for such projects. Please contact us to enquire.

When a scan notes that a pack is not suitable for supply, can I edit the text shown, for instance with an instruction to the operative on what to do next?
Yes – you can add instructions for your user(s) when a pack fails a scan (see details here). Examples might be “Contact the RP immediately.” or “Put aside for Operation Manager’s review” or “Do NOT dispense!”, etc. The chosen user text will be relevant to your location and workflow.

If some data is missing from the serialisation – such as an expiry date – can I edit what happens next?
Yes – during the introductory phase (up to February 2019), incomplete serialisation data on a pack may be shown. Users may suppress the dialogue related to missing elements of the barcode so as to improve workflow and record the scan without the missing data.  This option will be reviewed closer to the end of the introductory phase.

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