Graphis showing reports
Flexible reporting in ezFMD


The ability to report on scans made and the results obtained is an essential component of any system. ezFMD helps you, the user maintain compliance with the FMD. ezFMD supports the required reporting with the option to export the results to Excel. The user can select a date range (period) for their report.

Reports can list all the scans performed on this PC in detail or the total number per day in the selected period. The user can filter on Alert-only scans, to only review packs which caused an Alert. One can combine the data from scans performed at multiple PCs in a location with multiple users. See the Guide on how to download a report.

Data retention

ezFMD is built on Microsoft SQL Server to ensure optimal data integrity and reliable data retention.

For managers of multiple locations, an integration tool pulling together the results of multiple locations from multiple databases is available and offered on a customised basis, to reflect such user’s needs. Please contact us for identification of your needs and how our solutions can help.