Returns (reactivating a pack)

Before returning a pack for credit, it is essential that you ensure the pack is Active (i.e. not marked as supplied / decommissioned / dispensed). Packs that have been decommissioned can only be reactivated at the same location with 10 days (strictly 240 hours). Suppliers (most often wholesalers) will typically not credit packs returned unless they are marked as Active on the IMVO database.

How to scan your pack before return

Press the F5 function key on your keyboard or click on the F5 option in ezFMD:

Select F5

This will open a blank Returns screen:

Blank Returns screen

Scan one or more packs that you wish to return:

Returns process
  1. Each pack scanned will be listed, with Info indicating if it can be returned (Green = Active)
  2. This panel lists a summary of the packs scanned, with a count total shown for each product
  3. These options let the user prepare a PDF or printed report if required, as proof of status for the pack(s) to be returned. (This may be useful if the supplier later declines credit.)
  4. When all return packs are scanned, click Close to close the Returns Screen.

Note: Only packs originally decommissioned (marked as Supplied / Dispensed) at your location can be reactivated at your location. A pack cannot be reactivated once 10 days (240 hours) have passed since the pack was decommissioned (marked as Supplied / Dispensed). There is no problem scanning a pack that was already (or is still) Active in the Returns Screen – the system will confirm it was Active.