User Guide

The User Guide can be accessed within the ezFMD program by pressing [F1] or viewed by clicking on this link to download the PDF file. (1.2Mb)

ezFMD – Main Screen Summary

ezFMD screen

1: Product Data

The Product Data area displays the information read from the barcode on a pack. An FMD compliant barcode must contain four pieces of information:

  • Product Code
  • Serial Number
  • Batch Number
  • Expiry Date

2: Action

The action shows the operation that you wish to perform on scanned packs. In most situations you will probably wish to mark a pack as dispensed. The actions you are allowed to perform will depend on your organisation’s role. For example., the actions a pharmacist may perform differ from those that a wholesaler may perform. Your organisations administrator may also limit the actions that you can perform.

3: Traffic Light

The Traffic Light provides a clear visual cue that helps to understand the result of performing an action on a pack. Just like a conventional traffic light ezFMD a colour is used to assist you in responding to the result:

  • Green                   All OK – proceed.
  • Orange                 Proceed with caution. Refer to applicable SOP.
  • Red                        Stop. Refer to applicable SOP.

4: Result Information

This area displays a summary of the information returned by the National System. This will include the current status of a pack and when appropriate, warnings and alert numbers.

(Full text can be downloaded as a PDF at this link.)