Log file

When identifying a technical issue which may have occurred, it can be very helpful to review the log file or send the log file onto tech support for their analysis.

In order to find and open and/or forward the log file, follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) on your PCWindows Explorer
  2. In the top address bar, type %localappdata%\EZFMD and press EnterShows where to type %localappdata%ezfmd
  3. (If the folder is not found: On some older installations, this is in %appdata%\EZFMD)
  4. In that folder, you will see the file ezFMDLog.txt (Note: Some systems may not show the .txt file extension)ezFMDlog.txt in list of files
  5. You can review the file in place — OR —
  6. Copy the file and paste it into your email and send.