Bulk Scan

You can access the Bulk Scan screen by pressing the F11 key or clicking on that key in the ezFMD main screen.

Bulk Scan is a convenient option to scan many packs at one time, which hospitals typically do on arrival of stock. The items are added to the list (1) as they are scanned and can be then processed in one go. While scanning is in progress, a summary of the packs scanned is available (2) as well as totals (2,5) where multiple packs of the same product are scanned. This is very convenient for checking off goods against a Good In document, such as a delivery note. The user sees full FMD data for each pack once processed (1,4).

Added functionality (work in progress)

The user will be offered a choice on the Bulk Scan screen between simply scanning for FMD or scanning for both FMD and the creation of a stock file. This stock file can then be later used to import the totals of the products scanned automatically into their stock system, if their stock system has been set up to use the stock file created. This saves considerable double-entry of data and time in the pharmacy, while also reducing the opportunity for errors.

If this added stock file functionality is to be used, it is important that the user carefully enters the correct Purchase Order number for the stock to be scanned and also that while using this functionality, the stock scanned for each separate purchase order is scanned on separate Bulk Scan screens, so that the stock system can offset the stock received with the correct purchase order in the user’s pharmacy management system.

More details will follow on this added functionality soon.